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Marquis Salmon

Since we stopped making the Marquis we have been inundated by requests for its reinstatement. So that's what we've done. This is a new Marquis salmon reel in sizes one, two and three, built to the original design. We've made the new reels and spools interchangeable with all the originals because we know exactly what happens. Over the years, a frame gets dropped, buckled or broken. You still have the spools and the lines that you love but without a new reel frame, they're useless. Not now. You're back in business. The new reels are all manufactured from high-grade aluminum with the polished silver rim style that everyone agrees is the Marquis at its best. This isn't quite the original Marquis though. Because we can't resist improving things we've slightly redesigned the internal cam to give an increased range to the click-check.

  • Frame and spools fully interchangeable with the originals
  • All-aluminum frame for strength
  • Polished silver rim for classic look
  • In three sizes to cover every salmon fishing situation

Backing will be spooled for free on reel and/or spool.

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Model Code Spool Code Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) Diameter Reel Spool
Marquis No.1 HREM010 HSPM010 DT9F+90 / WF10F+170 7.75 / 220 3.87 / 98 $329.00 $89.00
Marquis No.2 HREM020 HSPM020 DT10F+130 / WF10F+300 9.62 / 274 4.12 / 105 $359.00 $99.00
Marquis No.3 HREM030 HSPM030 DT11F+220 / WF12F+400 10.37 / 294 4.12 / 105 $399.00 $109.00


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